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  • TexStar Commercial Services is an Austin green commercial cleaning company. “Going Green” has rapidly become a necessity for many companies who are concerned about the environment, the safety of their employees and yet still want to keep their companies clean.

    Businesses are swiftly realizing the need for green cleaning. With over 20 years experience in commercial cleaning in Austin, TX we have proven processes, outstanding workers and understand the need for green cleaning services in your business.

    There are many misconceptions about green cleaning with one being that it is cost prohibitive. We find the cost to the company is negligible. The factors for picking out a green janitorial company over another company actually demonstrate that it isn’t an issue.

    •    Green cleaning often reduces operating costs
    •    Green cleaning extends the life of hard-floor finishes and surfaces
    •    Green cleaning produces less toxic pollution and waste
    •    Green cleaning equipment performs as well as traditional cleaning equipment
    •    Green cleaning safeguards your employees; and customers’ health while protecting the work environment

    Getting your office cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaners eliminates the amount of chemicals on the work surfaces and within the air. Aerosols aren’t breaking down the ozone and recycling reduces waste in landfills.

    We are dedicated to providing Austin commercial green cleaning services.  Call us at 512-596-2956 to set up an appointment.