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  • TexStar Commercial Services is a full-service Austin janitorial services company serving both Austin and San Antonio. We provide a wide range of janitorial services, from cleaning services for individual offices. We are proud of our commitment to quality & customer service, and our janitorial services are customized to fit your specific needs. Whether your janitorial services are for a single office, an office suite, a medical facility, or virtually any other business type please call us today at 512-596-2956 to schedule a walk through.

    We know how crucial creating a professional business image is to the success of your company, and that a sanitary, professional work environment is an important component of this. We have a fully insured cleaning staff and strive for 100% Satisfaction on our janitorial services. We provide a full Green Cleaning System for the environmentally conscious with quick access to our dedicated, experienced management team. Our clients receive prompt, diligent attention to all special and emergency requests.They include: